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Cost of Rental Car in Dubai

Cost of Rental Car in Dubai

Luxurious living and first-rate services are synonymous in Dubai. A few things come to mind when we think about Dubai. Short on time and money? Then these are the items for you. While rare supercars can be spotted on the streets of other cities worldwide, Dubai is the only one where this is the norm. Even in the realm of lifestyle brands, Dubai has it all. All of the significant supercar manufacturers are represented in Dubai. It's as simple as naming it, and you'll soon have it.

 Dubai has become a popular destination for weddings, engagement proposals, business meetings and vacations. On the other hand, car enthusiasts flock to Dubai to realize a long-held dream. Those people are driving a high-performance automobile. In Dubai, the car cost is approximately AED 40 per day, equivalent to AED 1190 per month for a modest automobile. This price takes into account all fees. The daily rate for renting a car can be as low as AED 33 if you rent or lease the vehicle for an extended period from some companies. These companies provide discounted prices for longer-term rentals or leases.